About Us

JustJamz is your one-stop-shop for all school earbud headphones and accessories.

Started almost nine years ago as a small eBay store owned by a young couple, JustJamz has grown rapidly, never forgetting its original vision and values of being a customer-oriented, fair and affordable business.

We specialize in bulk-quantity orders and offering the best prices in the industry, while never compromising on quality and service.

We strive to provide our customers maximum value for their money. We do so by partnering directly with multiple international manufactures that we’ve hand-picked and developed strong and reliable connections over the years. This allows us to set a whole new and affordable price-standard for our customers.

Alongside with amazing pricing, JustJamz has set itself the highest customer service standard over the years. Our customers’ satisfaction from our products, service and purchasing experience, simply comes first. This is our number one priority as a business. 

JustJamz is proud to be a pioneer in its field of Back to School earbuds supplies. 

Get the highest value out of your school's budget :)