The Simplest Ways to Promote Your Website on Google

The Simplest Ways to Promote Your Website on Google

How do you rank highly on Google?

It’s a million-dollar question, because ranking on the first page of Google means getting access to at least 70% of the clicks. Being on any other page is the same as not being found at all, in most cases.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the key strategy that will get your website ranked well in search results. However, there are other things you can do as well, such as using Google Adwords to gain visibility.

Normally when people mention SEO, the first thing that comes to mind is keywords. They are essential!

You want to make sure you’re targeting keywords that your prospects are using to look for your products and services. Don’t guess! You need to research keywords to find ones that are relevant, have high search volume, and aren’t overly competitive.

For instance, for a website like we'd choose something like this list:
earbuds,earbuds for school,bulk classroom headphones,headphones class set,headphones for students,blx earbuds,class set of headphones for students,blx ear buds,student headphones bulk classroom,wired earbuds for school,class headphones,audífonos para niñas,kids earbuds wired,bulk,bulk headphones for classroom pack of 24,classroom headphones bulk,ear buds bulk pack 25,kids earbuds small ears,audifonos para ninas,chromebook earbuds for school,earhon,headphones in bulk,class set headphones,headphones bulk classroom,bulk headphones for classroom,earbuds for chromebook,wireless listening center for classroom,ear buds s7,headphones classroom,student headphones,classroom set of headphones,earbuds bulk,multicolored earbuds,earbuds bulk classroom,bulk earbuds,jaskin earphones earbuds,headphones for classroom,bulk ear buds,street by 50 earbuds,bulk earbud headphones,school earbuds for kids,earbuds multipack,earbuds pack,audifonos para niñas,earbuds 50 pack,school earbuds,student earbuds,bulk earbuds for classroom,earbuds wired for school,classroom ear buds.

The above list was generated by Helium10 in 5 minutes, and should let google's search engine know what we're about.

Generally, the closer to the start of the list the keyword is at, the more weight it has on categorizing you on google's search engine.

There are free keyword research tools and a variety of paid ones that can give you additional insight. Using these wisely will help you choose the better performing keywords for your website.

Next, be sure your website is easy to navigate. The structure of your site, including menus, categories, and subpages, needs to be understandable to a Google bot and to a human. If it’s easy to find information on your website, you will do better on Google.

Make sure your website is clear and easy-to-read on a mobile device or smaller screen, not just on a desktop. You should also boost your website security, include all required privacy and security notices, and ensure that load times are as fast as possible.

Finally, on-site SEO isn’t complete without mentioning EAT, Google’s focus on Expertise, Authority, and Trustworthiness. You want to be sure you’re writing about something you really understand and include an author’s bio on each blog post or page. The bio should explain the expertise of the writer. This will help both Google and your readers trust that you know what you’re talking about.

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